Utility Billing

Calculating Your Bill

Utility bills are calculated based upon actual water usage, as recorded by your water meter. In addition to water used, utility bills also show fees charged for sewer usage, and maintenance of the infrastructure of the Town - water and sewer lines, sidewalks and street lights. These infrastructure fees are referred to as "base rates."

Utility Billing Cycle

Utility bills are issued on the 1st of each month. Utility bills are due on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Accounts that remain unpaid are disconnected on the second Tuesday of the following month. View the to plan your monthly payments.


Disconnection and Reconnection

Disconnected accounts are also assessed a late fee, and reconnection charge. To avoid these additional charges please pay your bills on time. Budget billing, auto-pay and online payment options are available. To avoid disconnection of services, you may submit a Utility Billing Appeal Request Form. You may also contact Town Hall for assistance.

New Residents

New residents can set up utility accounts at Town Hall. To set up a new account, bring your ID and Warranty Deed that you received at closing when you purchased your home, or renters bring a Lease or Rental Contract. You will also complete a Utility Request Form so the Town may contact you in the case of an emergency.


If you are moving, contact Town Hall to request a Final Meter Reading. The Utility Billing Clerk will calculate your actual usage for the time you lived in the residence. If you're selling you home, make sure to remind your title company to request a final reading. They will collect your final bill at closing, usually deducting it from your escrow account.

Where Your Water Comes From

In Platteville, drinking water is supplied by the Central Weld County Water District. You can view results of supply source testing at CWCWD. In addition to testing at the source, lead and copper levels in drinking water is tested locally. The results of those tests are published annually in the Platteville Consumer Confidence Report.

Trash Collection

Residents can also include trash collection in their monthly utility bill. Trash collection is provided by B & C Refuse, who can be contacted at 970-785-2908. Trash collection is optional and combined billing is offered as a convenience to our residents.

Swimming Pools

Those residents who have summer swimming pools should obtain a Swimming Pool Permit at Town Hall prior to filling pools for the season.

Other Utility Contact Information


To start Xcel Energy service, stop or transfer service, call (800) 895-4999 or go to the Xcel Energy's website.


To sign up for natural gas service visit the Atmos Energy website or call (888) 286-6700. 


Platteville residents can choose to have trash collection fees added to their monthly utility bill through Ram Waste System, Inc. The trash service that is provided is standard with cans provided by the resident. For more information regarding dumpsters, call (970)226-3396. 

Telephone and Internet Services 

Many residents choose cell phone service, but for those who prefer a land line, the local provider is Century Link. Contact them via their Century Link's website or by phone at (888) 759-2326 

Internet and Television services are available through many providers. Residents should research what services are available, and contact the providers directly with questions.