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Coronado Park

Established in 1971, Coronado Park is located south of State Highway 66 along Main Street, in the Bella Vista Subdivision. Coronado Park includes a playground, picnic tables and benches where families can stop and relax.

Planned improvements at Coronado Park include expanded paved parking areas, additional landscaping and expanded uses as practice fields for recreational sports.

Lincoln Park

Established in 1872 just one year after the town was founded, Lincoln Park is located adjacent to the Platteville Public Library and the Platteville Pioneer Museum between Frank Place and Division Boulevard, and Marion Avenue and Elizabeth Avenue.

Lincoln Park is home to a large playground, covered shelters with barbeque grills and picnic tables, park benches, and a large grassy area where you can rest and enjoy the day.


Riverview Park

Established in 1872 just one year after the town was founded, Riverview Park is located between Ann's Place and Main Street, and Salisbury Avenue and Byers Avenue. Riverview Park is home to the Skate Park, which offers a variety of jumps and bumps that provide hours of fun for skaters of all ages. Riverview Park has a huge expanse of open field that is often used for practice for any of the field sports offered by the Recreation Department.

In addition, there are picnic tables and benches where families gather to catch up with each other during practice sessions. Planned improvements at Riverview Park include covered shelters with picnic tables and barbeque grills, and playground equipment that will appeal to a variety of age groups.

Rodger's Farm Park

In 2016, while the Phase III construction of Rodger's Farm Subdivision takes place, Rodger's Farm Park will be built.

Plans for the park include covered shelters with picnic tables, barbeque grills and benches, playgrounds, walking paths and practice fields.


Community Complex

The Community Complex includes the Senior Center, community fitness room, ball fields, a small dog park, horseshoes, and volleyball.

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