Water Rate Increase

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The Central Weld County Water District Board of Directors approved a new rate schedule at the public rate hearing held on July 20, 2023. This increase comes after an extensive look at expenses for the maintenance of the distribution system and upgrades needed to existing telemetry systems, treatment costs and upgrades to the filter plant and storage, etc. The District must take all steps necessary to ensure the water is safe to drink.

Although the revised charges do not completely recover the allocated costs of service to the towns the revised rate calculation goes a long way towards establishing a more equitable distribution of costs between the rural and the town customers. The new rates beginning with the November 2023 billing are as follows:

Usage per Thousand GallonsBase Rate - $23.12Rate per Thousand Gallons
0-4,000Tier One$2.70
5,000-19,000Tier Two$3.13
20,000 - 59,000Tier Three$3.75
60,000 - 149,000Tier Four$4.50
150,000 +Tier Five$4.50

The Demand Charge will continue to be calculated annually pursuant to the contract terms. The Tap Equivalent billing, if applicable, will have a new base rate in accordance to the minimum monthly charge for each tap size. Please note that all of the rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

For Central Weld to be able to continue providing high quality water to meet the needs of future growth that is expected to happen, the District must be proactive in improving its water portfolio by acquiring additional water by purchasing CB-T water and also being a participant in the NISP project that will provide enough water far into the future. Naturally with all the additional water that will be required in the future, the District will also need to expand it's treatment and delivery capacities to make sure we can deliver the highest quality water and at the same time meet all the delivery needs far into the future.

If you have any questions regarding the revised rates, please call.


Central Weld County Water District